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The history of Agriverde overlaps with the history of one of the oldest families of winemakers in Abruzzo :: the Di Carlo Family.

Proud winegrowers and tenaciously tied to the spirit of their land, Di Carlo’s were well-known wine-producers since the early  XIX century: in a letter preserved in the company, we can read Camillo Di Carlo announcing to his father that the next day several chariots full of their wine barrels would depart "toward the far Land of the Savoy”: it was december 13, 1830 and it was our first exportation.

Since then, the Di Carlo Family passed down his passion for wine from father to son, a human and professional legacy that still represents a valuable witness to bequeath to future generations.

In the second half of the 80s Giannicola Di Carlo, bio-agronomist, takes the reins of the wineries. He converted all production to organic method and Agriverde became one of the first organic certified wineries in Italy: ICEA (Institute for Environmental Ethics Certification), at the same time of promulgation of the first EU organic farming regulation (Reg. 2092/91), certified Agriverde in 1991.

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